To further assist our customers, we have provided a list of questions that are commonly asked by our customers. Please feel free to browse through the FAQ to see if your question has already been answered. Also, if you cannot find the answer to your specific question, please feel free to contact us. We are always glad to help answer your questions!

1. What Embroidery Machine File Formats can Rapid Digitizing supply?
We can supply almost all formats that are used in most embroidery machines. The following are the formats we can provide:
.DST - (TAJIMA & SWF) ,  .TAP - (HAPPY),   .PCS - (PFAFF),   .10O - (TOYOTA) 
,  .CND - (MELCO CONDENSED),   .DSB - (BARUDAN),   .JEF - (Janome/New Home),   .CSD - POEM/Singer EU/Viking Huskygram ,  .EXP - (MELCO/DOS EXPANDED),   .ZSK - (ZSK),   .PES - Brother/Baby Lock/Bernina Deco,  .SEW - Elna/ Janome/ New Home/ Kenmore

2. How can I place my order?
To place your order, simply log onto www.rapiddigitizing.com/order.html by clicking the "ORDER NOW" tab at the top of our website. Once you are on the order page, simply click on one of the "Buy Now" buttons that corresponds with the size requirements for your design. For example, if your design is 2" by 5", select the buy now button for the 5" by 5" service.  If your design is 14" x 7", you would select the 15" by 15" service.  You will notice the Buy Now button will forward you to PayPal's Checkout screen, as all payments are processed through PayPal. After following the on-screen instructions to submit your payment, you will receive a confirmation page showing that you successfully submitted your payment for the order. After submitting your payment, you may then submit your artwork to be digitized for the order you just paid for. You may submit your artwork using the official artwork submission form at: www.rapiddigitizing.com/artwork.html, which may be accessed by clicking on the "ARTWORK" tab at the top of our website.

3. How do I submit my artwork?
To submit your artwork after already making your payment, please use our Official Artwork Submission Form at www.rapiddigitizing.com/artwork.html, which may also be accessed by clicking on the "ARTWORK" tab at the top of our website.

4. Where do I find my order number to submit my artwork?
After making your payment by using one of the "Buy Now" buttons on our ORDER NOW page at rapiddigitizing.com/order.html, you will typically be sent a confirmation email almost instantly by PayPal. This email will contain your transaction reference number for the payment you submitted. This number is your "Order number". Additionally, we have found that some of our customers do not receive these confirmation emails immediately. If this happens to you after submitting a payment, you may instead provide us with your name used for the payment, and we can verify your payment/order was received with your name instead of using the official order number.

5. What artwork/image file formats can I send Rapid Digitizing to digitize?
We can digitize artwork from most standard image file formats. The following is a list of image formats we accept for digitizing:
.JPG, .JPEG, .BMP, .GIF, .PDF, .PSD (Photoshop), .TIF, .AI (Illustrator), .EPS, and .PNG.

6. Do you offer invoicing cycles for high volume orders?
If you are planning on ordering at least 25 designs per week, we do offer special invoicing for you to submit your payment all at once. If you need invoicing for ordering in large volumes, please send a request to "sales@rapiddigitizing.com". Also be sure to include your contact information.

7. Are all edits free?
We provide free edits on all orders, as long as the edit request does not change the original look of the original design that was ordered, such as by adding additional artwork to the design. All edits include any slight changes to stitches, colors, stitch density, ect. Note that edits do not include resizes. Resizes are available at an additional charge.

8. How do I request an edit?
To request an edit of a design previously digitized by Rapid Digitizing, please submit your edit request using the online edit request form by clicking onto the following link www.rapiddigitizing.com/edit.html . Please be sure to include a copy of the original color chart or embroidery file that you were originally emailed, as this will allow us to properly reference to the correct design. Also be sure to include detailed instructions on what needs to be edited. IMPORTANT NOTE: ALL EDIT REQUESTS MUST BE MADE VIA THE ONLINE EDIT REQUEST FORM. EDIT REQUESTS WILL NOT BE PROCESSED BY EMAIL REQUESTS.

9. How much does a resize cost?
We do provide resize services on designs that were originally digitized by Rapid Digitizing, as long as the new design size is within the same size area as the original design size ordered.  For example, if a 5x5" design service was originally ordered, the new design size must be within the 5x5" design service area. 

10. Do you provide digitally created illustrations of the digitized designs?
Yes, every order will include a color chart that displays a digitally created illustration of the digitized design.

11. Are color charts included with the designs?
Yes, every digitized design will be sent with a color chart as a PDF file. However, please note that the color chart is not intended to perfectly illustrate the identical colors in your design. The color chart is intended to be a guide to illustrate where the various color thread stops are located in the design. We always advise our customers to match up the exact thread colors with their embroidery company.

12. Is it possible to see how my digitized design will look before paying?
Since the only way to illustrate how the design will look is by completing the entire digitizing process, we are unable to provide this service before receiving payment. However, after we receive your payment and complete your design, you may feel free to request free edits to the design if there are details you would like to have adjusted on the design.

13. How are payments processed?
All payments are made and processed through PayPal. You may either make your payment using one of the "Buy Now" buttons on our website at www.rapiddigitizing.com/order.html , or by sending us a request to email you a PayPal invoice.

14. Do you accept credit card/payment information over the phone or by email?
To provide our customers with the safest payment methods, we do not accept credit card numbers by phone, email, fax, or regular mail. The only way we accept payments is through PayPal payment system. You will be asked to provide your payment information to PayPal using their secure payment systems, and they will be the ones to obtain your credit card/payment information. At NO time will we ever receive your credit card information, nor will we ask for it.

15. What is the 1 Day time to receive an ordered embroidery file?
Our standard 1 day-turn around time entails the customer receiving the completed design in 1 business day before midnight PST, for all orders received by 4:00 pm PST the prior day.  This is starting from the time we receive both your payment and artwork.  In some rare instances, the return time may be longer if there are excessive details contained within the design. If for any reason we are unable to complete your design, we will notify you as soon as possible.

16. Where and how is the embroidery digitizing completed?
Our digitizing is completed by highly skilled embroidery digitizers at our contractor's locations in India and Pakistan.  After our contractor completes the design, we then have our own 'on site' quality control located here at our headquarters in the USA.  The contractors we use and selected went through our own, very demanding, selection process prior to selecting them. This included them demonstrating the ability to complete everything from an extremely advanced design, along with a standard logo design.  This process has allowed us to meet high customer demands, in addition to keeping our prices low.  It has also allowed us to continue offering unlimited stitches on every design that our customers order.  Our final goal is to provide quality digitizing at a low flat rate.

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